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Improve Your Calgary Home With a Basement Renovation

If your home isn’t providing the space you need, you may have an easy solution located right under your feet, right in your basement. By renovating your basement, you can add a functional level to your home that provides a new space for entertaining, working, and relaxing. Our basement renovation services can transform your basement space into a work studio, bedroom and even a home theatre. With the diligent work of our skilled crew members, you can have an inviting basement living space that suits your family’s needs perfectly. Basements are versatile spaces, meaning that they can be made into almost any type of room with the right renovation techniques. Thanks to our years of experience, we know just how to tackle your home renovation project, handling your basement renovation from start to finish and giving your home the expanded living space you want and deserve.

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“The Blue Lake crew was great to work with and was able to complete the project on time and on budget with a limited amount of issues. They were very responsive to all questions with responses and action usually within 24 hours. As with any old house (this was a 1959 bungalow) there were some unexpected issues and costs (mostly plumbing) that needed to be fixed but they clearly laid out all options and costs and we were able to find solutions that worked best for the long term health of the home. The house and properly was kept clean throughout the project and all of the trades that were in the house were very professional.

Thanks again to Fab, Trever, and the rest of the Blue Lake Team”