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Prepare for Fall With the Help of a Calgary Landscaping Company

As the air gets cold and the leaves change colours, you probably aren’t thinking about a lush spring yard, but perhaps you should be. Preparing in fall helps the yard survive Calgary winters and flourish in the spring. Here are some ways a landscaping company in Calgary can help you prepare for fall.

General Cleaning with a Landscaping Company in Calgary

Cleaning up the yard is one of the top tasks of fall. Along with all the leaves that gather on the ground, collect fallen fruit, twigs, seed pods, and other yard debris. Anything organic left on the ground will rot and become a breeding ground for pests. Aerate the lawn and flower beds to give plants plenty of oxygen and moisture during backyard renovations.

Plant for Backyard Design

If you want to update your backyard design, fall is a great time to get started. It’s an ideal time to add new plants or move established ones. You can also sew seeds in a garden bed for hardy, cold tolerant plants like spinach, mustard, and kale.

Fertilization for Backyard Health

Proper fertilization is essential for healthy growth and backyard renovations. Application of fertilizer in early fall when the temperatures begin to dip helps plants deal with the cold weather. Fertilize again in late fall to help plants survive the harsh winter and give them a jump start for spring growth.

Prepare for Backyard Renovations

Give your backyard a facelift in the fall with a landscaping company. The cold temperatures and slower growth make fall an ideal time to implement new backyard design. This is a great time to install hardscape or complete other large projects.

A landscaping company in Calgary can help you with all of these fall tasks and more. Give your yard the attention it deserves in the fall and prepare for the coming winter.

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