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Landscaping Tips for a Small Yard in Calgary

Small lots create challenges for landscaping. Is it possible to achieve a beautifully landscaped yard that doesn’t feel overcrowded? The answer is yes. With a little bit of careful planning, you can design a gorgeous yard in a small space. Here are some landscaping design tips for a small yard.

Establish a Vision for Landscape Design

Start your landscaping project with a vision. What do you want the yard to look like and feel like? Draw inspiration from other settings you like or your own imagination. Talk with a Calgary landscaping company about your ideas and work together to refine them into a clear vision.

Imagine Landscaping in Colour

When planning your landscaping design, be sure to consider colour. Choose two or three colours that you love to anchor the landscape. Think about the way colours interact in the overall design as well as how they work in specific areas, such as what you see looking out of the windows.

Add Balanced Texture with a Landscaping Company

Texture adds interest in a small yard and invites touch. Stonework, decks, and paths are good options with the help of a Calgary landscaping company. Blend fine and coarse textures to create a balanced space. You can also add texture with different kinds of plants.

Incorporate Movement in the Calgary Landscape

Movement in a landscape draws the eye and has a mesmerizing effect. Grasses or trees with long branches that sway in the breeze, such as willow trees, are a great way to include movement. Water features also offer movement as well as sound.

Create Unity with Calgary Landscaping Companies

Add unity to landscaping design by including familiar elements in more than one place or using themes. Unity and repetition tie the landscape together.

Transform your small space into a gorgeous yard with these tips and the help of a Calgary landscaping company.

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