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How to Prepare for a Calgary Landscaping Work This Fall

Fall is an ideal time for landscaping projects. Cooler temperatures make the task more pleasant and make it a good time for transplanting. Many nurseries have plant sales to get rid of their inventory before winter; by late fall or early winter, many landscaping companies are hitting their slower season too. Get ready for backyard landscaping this fall with these tips.

Take Inventory of Fall Landscaping

Look around your yard and evaluate what you want to keep. Map permanent structures including buildings, underground power lines, and other things that stay in place. Take these features into account when considering your new design for backyard landscaping.

Remove Debris from Backyard Landscaping

Clearing out debris is a great fall landscaping task whether or not you’re preparing for a bigger project. This includes both organic and inorganic materials such as fallen leaves, unnecessary rocks, woody material, animal waste, dead plant life, and weeds.

Prune with a Landscaping Company

Fall isn’t the best time for heavy pruning because it can encourage growth at a time when plants should be dormant. However, careful pruning with the help of a landscaping company in Calgary can help prepare your yard for further landscaping. Cut off any branches or limbs that are dead, dying, or diseased.

Eradicate Diseases

Work with a landscaping company in Calgary to get rid of any diseases infecting your plants. Tackling this before adding to the landscaping protects new plants from getting attacked by the disease.

Remove Features from the Landscape

Clear out the softscape and hardscape features currently in your yard that you don’t want as part of the new fall landscaping. Softscape includes bushes, trees, plants, and other vegetation, while hardscape includes water features, paving, and retaining walls.

Make the most of fall by preparing for your next project with these simple tips and a landscaping company in Calgary.

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