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What You Need to Know Before Contacting Calgary Garage Builders

Building a garage can be a great way to maximize the space of your property and give you more room for storage. Building a garage in Calgary is especially important for protecting your vehicles when it comes to the summer hailstorms we often we endure. However, before you hire a construction company to build your new garage, there are some things you need to know about the upcoming project.

Calgary Garage Building Permits

Depending on where you live in the city, a Calgary garage build project may require specific permits. You may need building and development permits for projects that do not meet Calgary bylaw specifications. In addition to the Calgary bylaws concerning detached garages, you should also know the zoning laws for your community which may further clarify location and size specification for your garage.

Cost of a Calgary Garage Build

Before you hire garage builders in Calgary, it’s crucial to have a budget in mind and consider all potential costs before proceeding. If you need any building and development permits, you should calculate them as part of the overall cost of the project. When looking for a construction company, keep an eye out for businesses that offer free quotes and estimates. Some Calgary garage builders also provide financing options if you don’t have the funds right away. In addition, a company that offers multiple services such as Calgary landscape design or deck building may offer promotions for scheduling more than one service.

Know the Purpose of Your Garage

In order to plan effectively for acquiring the proper permits and calculating an accurate cost, you need to know the purpose of your new garage. Consider whether you need a one or two car garage or bigger. Will you use it strictly for storage and car protection or as a workshop or hobby area? Calgary garage builders can follow the plans you provide as well as suggest improvements and adjustments based on past experiences.

Once you know the cost and purpose of your garage and have acquired the proper permits, you’re ready to hire garage builders to make the project a reality.

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